The good news first: Painting is learnable – and now, better news still: Drawing is even more so.

Beginners are taught the necessary basics: composition, proportion, perspective, drawing, how to use colour, and in doing so, sharpening the artistic view. Advanced students can deepen their knowledge, develop new techniques, at all times keeping personal interest and development in mind.

The courses are held in small groups of about four to six participants, and the guidance is on a personal basis. The language of instruction is German, or English, French and Dutch upon request. Participation in the courses can be started at any time.

Drawing nudes and nature studies, workshops and adult-education courses are on offer as interesting additional coursesmöglich.

The Atelier in Berlin Friedrichshain takes up the entire top floor of the Stalin-era building with a view over the rooftops of Berlin and the Frankfurter Tor, which is easily accessible by public transportation.

Supplies– all important drawing and painting supplies are available at the Atelier. Above all, all drawing supplies, a vast selection of paper and types of cardboard, acrylic paint, oil paint, gouaches, pastels, watercolours, watercolour pencils and crayons, inks and much more, including detailed advice. You can work at easels, on tables, drawing boards, or walls in the rooms of your choice.

Portfolio Preparation- The goal and basis of this work is the compilation of a portfolio. KOMPAKT, CRASH, PREMIUM and COMFORT - see PRICES - have proved to be particularly advantageous portfolio courses in guaranteeing long-term, intensive support, counselling and personal development. For more information see: PORTFOLIO COURSES.

Photographic documentation of accepted portfolios from 25 years of portfolio preparation at Atelier Balzer are available for review. Portfolio Preparation Courses are on offer for all artistic disciplines of art colleges, art academies, and technical colleges.


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