Courses for drawing nudes are on Monday evenings from 8 to 10 PM. The small group - as few as four - provides for individual guidance for this both complex and fascinating subject of the human body. This means that newcomers can venture into drawing nudes alongside the more experienced.

The most important approaches to drawing nudes and the fundamentals of anatomy are taught; the artistic viewpoint is fine tuned to the dynamics of the nude model in space. Drawing is usually quite quick – a good exercise for everybody, even for candidates about to present their portfolios, who have become familiar with the basics of drawing and now wish to draw more smoothly.

Christopher Balzer, inventor of The Dancing Nude is familiar with both this fast, experimental drawing, as well as with classical academic drawing from his time spent at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. It was at this academy, founded by Rubens, where Vincent Van Gogh annoyed his fellow students, those who had been working for days on life-size formats, with his fast sketches from various perspectives, just to give himself an idea.

Experimental exercises enhance this tried and proved method of drawing nudes, which has been further developed at Atelier Balzer in Berlin. Dancers, artists, acrobats and actors are logically the nude models used – welcome to Berlin.

Please, note the Drawing-Nudes Course
The Dancing Nude
Experimental drawing nudes with music offered at several Berlin adult education centres. The purpose of this drawing course is to rapidly capture movements and to attain concentrated expression. Playfully and experimentally, we will work together with the dancer. A new perspective on body, dynamics, and space. This course for drawing nudes and rapid drawing is an excellent complimentary course even for candidates about to present their portfolios. Please, bring your own drawing materials to the Drawing-Nudes Course, if at all possible. Above all, sketching paper. Or you can buy it at a reduced rate from the lecturer.




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