Fees shall always be paid in advance, in full, and in cash at the first session. In the event of delayed payment, there shall be a fee of € 10.00 per session until completed payment has been made in full.

Workshops - here, payment by bank transfer is possible as an alternative to cash. Booking discounts apply with early booking + payment - see Workshops.

The valid current rates are on the web page


All freely selectable sessions shall be registered unalterably at the first session.*

Any rescheduling of a session is only possible upon agreement and as a gesture of goodwill within the period booked and provided that space is available. As a matter of principle, participants may not make up sessions which have expired, as well as sessions, which have not been cancelled in time (two days).

* 'Spontaneous Sessions': these sessions may be taken or rescheduled on short notice, as opposed to the other course packages. In order to schedule, the participant must propose a date, and Atelier Balzer must confirm. It is, therefore, advisable to schedule with plenty of time. Once agreed, they can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the start of the session. The number of sessions booked, multiplied by two, represents the number of weeks, before which the spontaneous sessions have to have been taken. (Example: In the event of six booked sessions: 6x2 = 12. This means that the six booked sessions have to be taken within the next twelve weeks). Sessions, which have not been taken up to that point, expire.


Classes are continuous, even on holidays. Sessions cancelled by Atelier Balzer will, of course, be made up. This applies also to the Christmas/Winter and/or Summer break. This will be directly after the booked course, inasmuch as nothing else has been agreed. Booking a course becomes contractually binding upon payment (in the case of workshops, the written registration shall suffice), which cannot be rescinded.

German law applies


Das Vertragsverhältnis und weitere Geschäftsverbindungen zwischen Atelier Balzer/Christopher Balzer und dem Kunden unterliegen ausschließlich dem deutschen Recht unter Ausschluss des internationalen Kaufrechts. Soweit zulässig, gilt für Atelier Balzer/Christopher Balzer für alle Streitigkeiten als ausschließlicher Gerichtsstand Berlin, Deutschland.

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